The Pastor’s Wife Behind the Podcast

Hi!  I’m Jacque.  A wife, a mom, a grandmother, and I’m also a pastor’s wife.  When my husband and I married in 1989, I had no idea what I was getting myself into!  And you want to know a secret?  Most of the time, I STILL don’t know what I am doing!

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We have four children.  Mark is 27 and married to Brittani.  Nathan is 25 and married to Kim.  They have three kids, Halie, Bryce, and Emery. They live in Orlando.  My daughter Madison is 23 and married to Larry, a youth pastor. Emma is 13 and the only one left at home!

We have served in almost every ministry area there is and currently he serves as the Lead Pastor of New Vision in Westmoreland, Tennessee.

I love helping my husband with the ministry!  I lead a team of women who love on and disciple the women of our church through Connect Groups (small groups), one-on-one discipleship, God Encounters, and more.  I also do all the graphics for the church (a skill I am learning!) and manage the social media and website.  I probably get myself way more involved than I need to be, and I love every second of it!  OK.  I love MOST every second of it.  It’s not all rainbows, lollipops, and unicorns.  BUT I wouldn’t change our life for anything!

When I’m not pastor wife-ing, I homeschool Emma.  I also love to read, do crafty stuff (well, to be honest, I mostly THINK about doing crafty stuff), waste loads of time surfing the internet, and we love to go geocaching.  If you have never heard of geocaching, check it our HERE.  Geocaching helps me find reasons to do one of my favorite things – hiking.  And both of those things allow me to have reasons to take photos.  Lots and lots of photos.   In the last couple years I have developed a love for shopping.  I’m a late bloomer in that area of girly-ness.

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