Disclosure Statement

I began The Pastors’ Wives Podcast as a creative outlet and with the hopes of bringing encouragement to pastors’ wives – especially ME!

Although I don’t expect to become rich through this site, I have chosen to participate in some affiliate programs that can provide a way for my site to help cover the expenses involved in running the site.  (And maybe provide a bit of mad money, too!)

All affiliate links will be labeled as such.  If you choose to purchase something from an affiliate link, I will receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you.

If you see an affiliate link, please know that I have researched and most likely own the product I am sharing.  I love to recommend products that have been a help to me in my journey as a Christ-follower, a wife, a mom, and pastor’s wife along with all the other hats I wear!  I will gladly share my recommendations whether or not I receive any compensation so many of the links will NOT be affiliate links!

I appreciate you spending your time with me and I do not take the honor lightly.  I am an imperfect pastor’s wife making imperfect progress.  I am not a Bible scholar and I encourage you to seek out what the Bible says for yourself.  Any advice I share on my site is my experience or opinion – so please seek out a professional advisor if you need help!